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All Seasons Fencing is the UK’s number one supplier and installer or Horserail fencing.

Horserail is a novel fencing product utilising patented technology which makes is safer and stronger than your average horse fencing. Comprised of a coated rail and wire system, it utilises premium polyethene and a tough steel core to ensure that your horses will be kept secure for years to come.

With a smooth, coated surface, your Horserail fencing will simply flex and bend upon impact with an equine. If your horse has a tendency to kick or run into fences, this type of horse fencing will flex so that a horse can easily remove its leg or gently rebound from the fence without fear of injury.

Ideal for arenas, round pens, yards, pastures, tracks and gallops with its spooler and buckle system, Horserail’s equine fencing is easy to install, significantly reducing installation costs, and can readily be moved if you change the size of your pen or require a temporary fencing solution.

What’s more, if you’ve been considering electric fencing for your horses, you’ll be pleased to learn that Horserail is the perfect solution. With its Hotcote plastic wire system, you can also install a permanent and highly visible electric fence to further safeguard your animals.

Horserail is fully impact resistant and will not break, splinter or warp when subjected to both time and the elements. With its genuine manufacturer’s warranty which spans 20 to 30 years, this type of horse fencing is truly maintenance free as it’s available in three colours designed to blend or contrast with your farm’s colour schemes, so you don’t even have to paint it!

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