Electric Fencing for Horses

Electric Horse Fencing for Your Budget and Requirements

Easy to install, electrify and maintain, electric fencing for horses is growing in popularity as a sensible alternative to more traditional types of fencing. Not only is if often less expensive than classic, wooden fencing, it is typically safer and more effective, and prevents wear and tear on the fence as your equines are less inclined to lean, scratch or chew on the fencing. As intelligent animals, your horses will quickly learn and understand how the electric fencing works and become easier to control.

Selecting electric fences for your horses that complements your lifestyle has never been more straightforward. With a variety of options in place for powering your equine fencing, we’re confident that we can automate any equestrian property!

Powering Your Electric Horse Fencing

If you want a traditional option, we can supply electric horse fencing as a fixed unit that draws from a 240v mains supply system, energising up to 50,000 metres of equine fencing! Alternatively, our battery systems serve as completely portable units that are great for powering slightly smaller equine properties, going as low as 500 metres of fencing.

Solar Powered Electric Fencing for Horses

If you strive to adhere to an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to learn about our solar powered electric fencing for horses. Harness the power of the sun in either fixed or portable units which will charge 500 – 10,000 metres of equine fencing. Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier!

Fencing Installation and Supply-Only Fencing

DIY fan? No problem. All of our electric fencing for horses can supplied directly to you if you prefer to manage the installation, offering you a great bargain in the process! Should you prefer us to install your electric fence, our experienced fencing installers are always at hand to set up your new equine fencing, from start to finish, wherever in the UK you are located.

Equine Electric Fence Accessories

Even if you’ve already installed some quality electric fencing for horses, we have some great accessories in stock to improve and upgrade your borders. From classic nets, wires and posts to sophisticated insulators, gates and energizers, All Seasons Fencing can readily transform your equine fencing.

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