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We understand better than most that our clients have quite a diverse range of requirements to consider when purchasing agricultural fencing. Some people need to protect their valuable crops against pests, others need to keep cattle and other livestock within a designated perimeter. Whatever your situation, you can rest assured that we have the proper materials to erect a hard-wearing fence that will satisfy your security requirements for years to come. We take the time to get a better understanding of your premises and stock to discuss which fencing supplies would best suit your surroundings. We can also step in with any required draining, trenching and groundwork to guarantee that the fencing will be properly installed and remain stable.

Whether you love the classic appeal of post and rail fencing or want the sturdiness of electrified barbed wire, we will take your preferences and your budget on board to design the ideal agricultural fencing solution for you!

Barbed Wire Fencing

A tough, traditional and wholly effective security solution for your perimeters, particularly if you keep livestock. We supply our barbed wire fencing in high tensile or mild steel galvanized wire.

Rabbit Fencing

A simple rabbit net is a simple and cost-effective way to better protect your crops and plants. Our rabbit fencing is galvanized and planted deep into the ground for maximum protection.

Deer Fencing

Sturdier and more secure than rabbit netting, our deer fencing ensures that you’re safeguarding your plants or crops. Our deer fencing is available up to a height of 2m and can incorporate netting, barbed wire or electric wire for your complete peace of mind.

Alpaca Fencing

Net and plain wire combinations are available up to 1.5m tall.

Electric Fencing

Whether you keep horses or simply want the ultimate security solution for your property, we offer the full range of electric fencing systems and can automate existing fences, where possible.

Land Drainage

We can aid your land drainage efforts and improve wet areas using a mechanical trencher to install French or PVC systems.


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